Want to Buy Health Insurance? Listen to these 6 things first

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Want to Buy Health Insurance? Listen to these 6 things first by ITI190 – Indurance Top Info 190. The level of public awareness of the importance of insurance is considered to have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, not a few are still confused when they want to choose the right health insurance.

Angelia Agustine, Head of Allianz Health and Corporate Solution Operations, Allianz Life Indonesia said, there are at least 6 things that need to be considered before choosing the right health insurance for your needs.

First, understand the need. Before deciding to buy a health insurance product, it is more important to first understand what health insurance benefits are needed.

“Pay attention to the medical history in your family, is there a history of critical illness? This is to determine what health insurance coverage you need,” he said, quoting a press release, Tuesday (8/12/2020).

In addition, he said, it should also be considered, what kind of room class would you use if you were sick? Is a room with 2 beds adequate, or do you need a more quiet and comfortable treatment room with 1 bed only.

Second, check the availability of existing insurance. He explained that if a potential user is registered as an employee of a company, then usually the workplace has provided health benefits in the form of health insurance.

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“So, before buying your own health insurance, you should first examine what kind of health benefits are provided by the company where you work,” he said.

Third, allocate a budget. In order to get the benefits of insurance protection, potential users need to prepare a budget allocation to pay insurance premiums.

The amount of insurance premium will depend on the coverage of the protection offered, the age of the customer or the insured, the insured’s medical history and the period of protection.

“How much do you ideally need to budget? 5 percent -10 percent of your routine income can be allocated specifically to cover the cost of insurance premiums, including health insurance. So, if your current income is around Rp. 10 million, you can allocate Rp. 1 million for payments. the cost of insurance premiums. That way, insurance needs can still be covered without disturbing the allocation of other necessities that are no less important, “he said.

Fourth, research to see the benefits and study the policy. According to him, when you want to buy health insurance, make sure to examine in depth what the coverage is provided and whether it meets your needs.

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Some of the benefits commonly offered in insurance products, including inpatient benefits, outpatient benefits, dental care benefits, surgery benefits, etc. should also be checked.

Also make sure to study the excluded conditions that are stated in the policy. For example, in connection with the pre-existing condition article, namely the rules in health insurance which state that insurance benefits do not apply to pre-existing diseases. So, if you fall ill and have to be hospitalized due to pre-existing conditions, the health insurance will reject your claim.

Fifth, compare it with other health insurance. There are many types of health insurance products available, do not immediately buy health insurance without comparing it with similar products.

How to compare it with at least one or two products first in order to choose the best, namely in terms of coverage of coverage, the amount of premium charged and the track record of the insurance provider.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the track record of insurance providers, to see whether the claims will be easy or problematic.


“Don’t forget to choose an insurance provider who has a good reputation and long experience. That way, you can get optimal health insurance benefits,” he said.

Sixth, know how to pay for medical expenses. Especially now, insurance companies have provided many conveniences for paying your medical expenses, namely through cashless and reimbursement systems.

Also learn the advantages of each, then determine which payment method suits your needs before buying a health insurance policy.

“For payments by means of reimbursement, you have to pay the cost of treatment first and after that, you can apply for reimbursement to the insurance company, by attaching supporting documents,” he said.

He added, at Allianz itself, users can apply for reimbursement through digital claim submissions with a maximum payment period of 48 hours. Digital claim submissions can be made through eAZy Connect, namely eAZy Connect is a customer portal to monitor policies online, anytime and anywhere via www.allianz.co.id/eazyconnect.

“Through eAZy Connect, customers can directly monitor the investment value, insurance benefits, as well as other policy information, “he concluded.

Want to Buy Health Insurance? Listen to these 6 things first by ITI190 – Indurance Top Info 190.

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